Bewitching witch the important thing for her is not to conquer but to seduce!!

Amalia Vox

will amaze you with every appearance
as it ranges from the classical universe to comedy to the new burlesque
 holds you in suspense!!

Who I Am..

He has been doing this discipline for seven years ..

Amalia studied dance, including modern dance and flamenco.
In Burlesque it was formed by studying with the best international interpreters and with the best methods of teaching dance and theater. The Italy Queen Burlesque Festival 2016🔽 won the Innovative Act award with the act Saw Revisited
Other contests:
✔Vertigo Burlesque Festival- Rome 2015
✔ Burlesque Factor - Rome 2017
✔Capone's Burlesque Festival -Rome 2017
✔Burlypicks Italy 2017
✔Slavic Burlesque Festival -Warsaw 2017, coming in second place as best costume with the act Willy Wonka;
✔Dublin Burlesque Festival
✔Empire Burlesque Festival 
Ithaca NY 2018
✔ Taormina Burlesque Festival Italy
23 september 2018
Gala Show
✔Producer-Chez Nous Burlesque Festival-Rome
✔Great Western Burlesque & Cabaret Festival - Bristol UK 2019
✔The Croatia and cabaret Burlesque Festival-2019
 ✔Nurse Betty 23/1/20 NYC
✔The Ragtrade Bo Peep 25/1/20 NYC
✔Slipper Room 24 / 1/2020 NYC
✔Ibiza Burlesque Festival october 2020 online
✔London Burlesque Festival November 2020 online